Thank you for your support

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support during this election.  It’s commitment by ordinary people like us that make all the difference in how our local community is governed.  We can’t always win but in my humble opinion it is up to each of us to stay involved and informed.   On a positive note, we were able to take on the entrenched bureaucratic interests in our community with a person completely unknown to our community less than three months ago and come within a few hundred votes of winning a vigorously defended school board seat.  Thank you everyone.

Alex Leykin




Clear Priorities, my promise to you:

  • No Educational cuts for our children

  • No Tax increases for our taxpayers

  • Yes, it is possible and I am the man who will do it.

Real Fiscal Concervative



Watch below video, to learn more about Alex Leykin:

Hello my name is Alex Leykin and I’m running for school board. My goal is to help our Board of Education set and accomplish clear goals and priorities for our children. I believe clear priorities for our limited resources will help our district thrive in the current environment of getting more results with less money.

My priorities are clear and the results are measurable:

ChildrenThe very reason our Board of Education  exists is to assure our children a world class education.  I believe some of the steps necessary to accomplish this are:

  1. One of the ways I intend to help our board be more focused and responsive to our community is by inviting community comment and ideas.  It is my belief that our community consists of highly educated, capable, and thoughtful citizens who have an abundance of experience they are willing to bring to the table for all sorts of problem solving.  I intend to leverage this wealth of community knowledge and experience to help guide the board rather than summarily dismiss such offers of help from our capable citizens.
  2. I will work to modify the current schedule at Homestead High School to include  continuous study in core subjects through the entire school year.
  3. It is my belief that we must better leverage available technology to improve the learning process for our children while controlling costs.  I will take immediate steps to see how we can implement such technology to help our children.

TaxpayersOur primary goal of providing a world class education for our children MUST be provided while maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability to our taxpayers who fund this important function. To this end:

  1. I believe that our school district currently has the resources to accomplish our educational goals.
  2. I will fight any effort to increase taxes for our community.
  3. It will be my goal that we balance our budget by scaling our district to our needs and resources.
  4. I will look to restructure the expense side of our budget rather than consider any new revenues.
  5. As a rule; my world view is to enact fiscal policies that will not have a negative impact on our ability to accomplish our main goal of providing a world class education to our children while protecting our community from unnecessary taxation.

My political world view is as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate.  I am for low taxes and less regulation when sensible.

If you are looking for an independent, conservative voice on our school board I ask for your vote!



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